Operation Reality Check 5

Direwolf Airsoft attended Operation Reality Check 5 this past weekend.  A 27 hour MILSIM event held at Ground Zero Airsoft in Wolcott, CT.  This OP was a little different than the norm due to its heavy use of role players to encourage game immersion.

rc5 1

Working closely with a number of teams, we accomplished many objectives, including a full capture and raid of the enemy command post located on Kafir Hill.  Our buddies from Kafir managed to grab a quick picture on top of the hill before we ran off with the Tan team’s game items.

rc5 3

The night game also consisted of players disguising themselves as civilians to infiltrate the village to gain intel and cause havoc.  It was definitely a different, in depth, experience for us.  We’d like to thank Monty for his organization and hard work put towards making this event possible.

rc5 2

rc5 4