New England Airsoft Expo

This past weekend, the New England Airsoft Expo was hosted at Strategic Compound, bringing together local teams, organizers, and vendors to do some promotion, have discussions, reconnect, and of course, buy and sell gear and play some bbwarz.

We put a lot of prep into this event (as you’ve seen if you follow our social media) creating a team banner that we’ll use at further events, and arranging a few giveaways throughout the two days.

Day 1 was a cold one with snow fall for most of the day.  Regardless of weather, we stuck it out and had some good discussions with fellow teams and organizers.











Day 2 brought much better weather, thus, a much better turn out.  Plenty of people came out to play airsoft, talk to us and other teams, learn about gear, and just generally have a good time.  We were happy to run our free giveaways to give a little back to the community.





















We’re definitely looking forward to the next expo and we think the kick off event was definitely a success. Thank you to all who put on the event, the people who attended and said hello, and everyone who made the expo a great time.  See you on the field!