March Update

Sorry for the lack of update once again, its tough to keep everything up to date some times.

Hunkered down for the winter season, we’ve had a few games here and there, with a bunch of indoor gaming mixed in.  If you’ve been following our Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, or Instagram, you’ve seen our content.

The most recent ‘big’ game we attended was World at War 9 at Strategic Compound in East Hampton, CT (former Strategy Plus).


It was cold and snowy, but we still had a good time.

We also checked out Building 52 up in MA for the first time.  We had a lot of fun up there and intend to go back when we get the chance to.

Of course it was nearly blizzard conditions, but we somehow lived:


Most recently, we did another series of gear videos, so keep an eye out for those on Youtube. We’ll be planing for future OPs (Spring Offensive and Lion Claws OP X) over the next few months.  Hopefully we see you guys out there!