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Welcome to Direwolf Airsoft! Established in 2008, we’ve become a mainstay in North Eastern Airsoft as well as Connecticut Airsoft and National Airsoft Games.  We pride ourselves on putting life first, airsoft second, and doing well at both.  Our members all have professional backgrounds in Engineering, Marketing, IT, Management, Business Owners, Active Police/Military and Craftsman. Our Roster has encompassed all branches of the military as well as Connecticut State Police.   Direwolf Airsoft was started with veteran members of Connecticut’s burgeoning Airsoft Community.  We needed to offer casual team requirements with the morale and camaraderie that only a close knit team can bring to the table.  This allows us to responsibly manage our careers and families while pulling off some of the wildest stunts when we get out to the airsoft fields! Click to learn more about Direwolf Airsoft!

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