Direwolf Airsoft

Things we don’t do –

Have a structured chain of command..
We don’t practice. Not sure if we ever will. We just have lives outside of the game and we know each other well enough to play fine on the field with our own play styles.
We play as a unit, yet separate. We stay in constant communication via our radios (Marine Band) and spread out amongst the other groups playing. This allows us to each use our skills in a way that best fits us and benefits the side we’re on. If the task requires us to stay as a squad, we can certainly handle that as well.
Cheat. Game is pointless if we cheat.

Things we do do –

Help organize the side’s we’re on.
Help younger and more inexperienced players do what needs to get done.
Come to the field prepared for the game we’re attending. We plan for the games we attend in great detail and work with the CO to ensure we’re off to a good start before the game even gets off the ground.
Make a difference on the field.
Have standardized uniforms – Multicam Currently.
Have custom patches.
Have mature attitudes
Realize it’s just a game.
Contribute to Charity’s. We’ve already run our first charity game to support Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
Meet at pubs; We’re the only 21+ only team in the area for several reasons.

Requirements Cliff notes
Uniforms – Multicam.
At least one Direwolf Patch (can be obtained from me for $8 dollars each after accepted to team. That’s my cost.)
Marine band radio. We can recommend one for about 45 bucks shipped with everything needed if you dont have one.
Mid to high end AEG, preferably with a backup just in case and at least 3 mags. for more info if you lack a gun.
Your own reliable transportation and steady income. We need to know your life is in good working order and those are good indicators that you are reliable.
Everything in this Airsoft standard load out (including the FRS radio as well)
Must have an account on the Direwolf Airsoft message board.

All recruits will be required to play a few games with Direwolf Recruit Committee Members. We need their feedback on your field performance.

All recruits must also attend a few Direwolf social outings / meetings so we know how you are off the field as well. We’ve met several extremely talented players in the past that just did not click with us as a team, and that’s important to us.  We want the feel of the team to remain intact and as such we require personalities that are similar to ours.

Then our recruitment committee will vote. Once accepted we will notify you in person at either the next event we attend or meeting.


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