Monthly Archives: October 2014

Sorry for the delays in posting.  We’ve been very busy once again.  This past weekend a few members from Direwolf attended the STAG-OPS event Autumn Justice 7 at Ultimate Battleground in Bourne, MA.  A two day event, we ran wild with our bros from Kafir Milsim acting first as a recon element before joining Kafir to make a full squad.  Even with a very rainy first day, the event was still a lot of fun with great fire fights, night fighting, taking out vehicles, and clearing buildings.  Since we attend all of the STAG-OPS series, we’re obviously looking forward to Spring Offensive.



We also attended the opening of Strategic Compound (former Strategy Plus) for their game, World at War.  We had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, and having a good time running wild for the day.




With the completion of Autumn Justice, it pretty much marks the end of the outdoor season for us for the year.  We’ll be getting our indoor game on very soon.  Remember to check up on our social medias for videos, pictures, and whatever else we feel like posting up.  For those who didn’t already know, we created an instagram, so give that a follow if you’re into that sort of thing.