Monthly Archives: June 2014

Direwolf Airsoft had a great time at Spring Offensive 6 this past weekend.  We accomplished a number of objectives and sent many squads back to their spawn throughout the game.  Running wild with our bros over at Kafir Milsim, there wasn’t a task given to us we didn’t accomplish.  A very special thank you to the staff who ran the game and the players who came out and made it possible.

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dw kafir so6

dw so6

Direwolf Airsoft attended Mighty Eagle IV at Fields of Fire – Mystic today.  Pairing up with a few members of Kafir Milsim, we ran around the field doing fragos, then followed up the game with the usual stop at Mystic Pizza.

Direwolf member Alby was the CO for the tan side.


We also patched in our newest member, Abre, who has an inseparable bromance with Direwolf’s member, Yaz.

welcome abre