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Fields of Fire hosted their first Airsoft Scenario at their new field which was organized and run by our friends over at Combined Arms Airsoft.   This was easily one of the best days of airsoft I’ve had in a year.  For a new field that hardly anyone knew the lay out of and someone running them that never ran a game before, this went off with out a hitch and ran smooth right up till the end!

We were an instrumental part in taking home the win at this game and wouldn’t have cared if we had lost.    Fields of Fire is simply an outstanding field, and a boon to the South Eastern CT Region.  Combined Arms put on a great scenario that put the focus on fun!

Direwolf @ Fields of Fire!

Witt on the Attack!

Witt on the Attack Again!

Heading out on Patrol


For Operation BlackSheep Bobriwka, we ended up on Bravo and were well out numbered.  We persevered the entire time, against overwhelming odds.  Any points achieved were hard earned with most coming from the night portion of the event.  This was a first run of the Blacksheep series at this location and we look forward to a good many more!


Binky @ Bobriwka

We ran into a logistical issue at the onset of Operation Blacksheep: The Cove, and Team 811 was gracious enough to tack us on to their squad along with December Regiment.   Thank you for the honor Gentlemen!  This was also another Pathfinder event.    Our members are Pathfinders for Pine Plains, The Cove and Bobriwka.

Squad of the Battle


Welcome to the Pack!

Direwolf Airsoft News!

Welcome to Direwolf Airsoft! Established in 2008, we’ve become a mainstay in North Eastern Airsoft as well as Connecticut Airsoft and National Airsoft Games.  We pride ourselves on putting life first, airsoft second, and doing well at both.  Our members all have professional backgrounds in Engineering, Marketing, IT, Management, Business Owners, Active Police/Military and Craftsman. Our Roster has encompassed all branches of the military as well as Connecticut State Police.   Direwolf Airsoft was started with veteran members of Connecticut’s burgeoning Airsoft Community.  We needed to offer casual team requirements with the morale and camaraderie that only a close knit team can bring to the table.  This allows us to responsibly manage our careers and families while pulling off some of the wildest stunts when we get out to the airsoft fields! Click to learn more about Direwolf Airsoft!

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