This past weekend, the New England Airsoft Expo was hosted at Strategic Compound, bringing together local teams, organizers, and vendors to do some promotion, have discussions, reconnect, and of course, buy and sell gear and play some bbwarz.

We put a lot of prep into this event (as you’ve seen if you follow our social media) creating a team banner that we’ll use at further events, and arranging a few giveaways throughout the two days.

Day 1 was a cold one with snow fall for most of the day.  Regardless of weather, we stuck it out and had some good discussions with fellow teams and organizers.











Day 2 brought much better weather, thus, a much better turn out.  Plenty of people came out to play airsoft, talk to us and other teams, learn about gear, and just generally have a good time.  We were happy to run our free giveaways to give a little back to the community.





















We’re definitely looking forward to the next expo and we think the kick off event was definitely a success. Thank you to all who put on the event, the people who attended and said hello, and everyone who made the expo a great time.  See you on the field!

Sorry for the lack of update once again, its tough to keep everything up to date some times.

Hunkered down for the winter season, we’ve had a few games here and there, with a bunch of indoor gaming mixed in.  If you’ve been following our Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, or Instagram, you’ve seen our content.

The most recent ‘big’ game we attended was World at War 9 at Strategic Compound in East Hampton, CT (former Strategy Plus).


It was cold and snowy, but we still had a good time.

We also checked out Building 52 up in MA for the first time.  We had a lot of fun up there and intend to go back when we get the chance to.

Of course it was nearly blizzard conditions, but we somehow lived:


Most recently, we did another series of gear videos, so keep an eye out for those on Youtube. We’ll be planing for future OPs (Spring Offensive and Lion Claws OP X) over the next few months.  Hopefully we see you guys out there!


Sorry for the delays in posting.  We’ve been very busy once again.  This past weekend a few members from Direwolf attended the STAG-OPS event Autumn Justice 7 at Ultimate Battleground in Bourne, MA.  A two day event, we ran wild with our bros from Kafir Milsim acting first as a recon element before joining Kafir to make a full squad.  Even with a very rainy first day, the event was still a lot of fun with great fire fights, night fighting, taking out vehicles, and clearing buildings.  Since we attend all of the STAG-OPS series, we’re obviously looking forward to Spring Offensive.



We also attended the opening of Strategic Compound (former Strategy Plus) for their game, World at War.  We had a great time seeing old friends, making new ones, and having a good time running wild for the day.




With the completion of Autumn Justice, it pretty much marks the end of the outdoor season for us for the year.  We’ll be getting our indoor game on very soon.  Remember to check up on our social medias for videos, pictures, and whatever else we feel like posting up.  For those who didn’t already know, we created an instagram, so give that a follow if you’re into that sort of thing.



This past weekend, some Direwolf members traveled down to New Jersey for Operation Lion Claws OP: X.  We had a blast in the huge AO and as you may have seen, we’ve been posting about it quite a bit.  Our latest addition to our social media is our new Instagram which you can follow at direwolf_airsoft.  Give it a follow if you’re into that sorta thing.


We’d also like to welcome our recruit, Poltergeist, to the team.  Welcome aboard buddy!


(Yep, suck it in)

Direwolf Airsoft attended Operation Reality Check 5 this past weekend.  A 27 hour MILSIM event held at Ground Zero Airsoft in Wolcott, CT.  This OP was a little different than the norm due to its heavy use of role players to encourage game immersion.

rc5 1

Working closely with a number of teams, we accomplished many objectives, including a full capture and raid of the enemy command post located on Kafir Hill.  Our buddies from Kafir managed to grab a quick picture on top of the hill before we ran off with the Tan team’s game items.

rc5 3

The night game also consisted of players disguising themselves as civilians to infiltrate the village to gain intel and cause havoc.  It was definitely a different, in depth, experience for us.  We’d like to thank Monty for his organization and hard work put towards making this event possible.

rc5 2

rc5 4

Direwolf Airsoft had a great time at Spring Offensive 6 this past weekend.  We accomplished a number of objectives and sent many squads back to their spawn throughout the game.  Running wild with our bros over at Kafir Milsim, there wasn’t a task given to us we didn’t accomplish.  A very special thank you to the staff who ran the game and the players who came out and made it possible.

Follow our Facebook and Youtube channel for footage in the coming weeks.

dw kafir so6

dw so6

Direwolf Airsoft attended Mighty Eagle IV at Fields of Fire – Mystic today.  Pairing up with a few members of Kafir Milsim, we ran around the field doing fragos, then followed up the game with the usual stop at Mystic Pizza.

Direwolf member Alby was the CO for the tan side.


We also patched in our newest member, Abre, who has an inseparable bromance with Direwolf’s member, Yaz.

welcome abre

Direwolf Airsoft had an awesome time at Red Storm East this past weekend. We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who came out to play and to everyone who made the OP possible.  Also, a thank you to our randoms who paired up with our squad.  They did a great job and fit right in with us.

We’ll be posting a few videos once we go through all the footage, so keep a look out for that on our facebook page.  There are plenty more pictures on our page from the event as well.  Stay tuned for more on our upcoming OPs Spring Offensive and Operation Reality Check.


Direwolf member Alby gave everybody a refresher on MOUT this past weekend in preparation of the upcoming John Lu event, OP Lion Claws: Red Storm East.  We focused a lot on room clearing and movement in urban situations.  Remember to check our Facebook page for pictures and our Youtube channel for some footage of the training, which will be released soon.

As we continue to prep for Red Storm East, we will be documenting the process so you can see what sort of planning goes into a national event.

At the meeting / recap after MOUT, we welcomed our recruit Twitch to Direwolf’s roster.  Welcome to the team Twitch!

Of course, we had to post this comical, special, picture of him:

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  We’ll try to keep up on that better this year.

Over the past few months, Direwolf has been attending a number of games in the New England region.  Back in August, we attended Operation Reality Check 4.  Direwolf completed numerous missions throughout the day and fought alongside Kafir Milsim and Adirondak Rangers/(MGT) for a hard fought victory.

Moving on from there, in early September, we had a little fun with a team photoshoot, utilizing one of our comical loadouts for the upcoming OP at Fields of Fire – Mystic, Mighty Eagle III.

Later that month, Direwolf attended OP Mighty Eagle III at Fields of Fire in Mystic Connecticut.  Leading the rebel side under command of Direwolf’s King Albydullah, we decided to fully immerse ourselves in the role and dress as rebels to the best of our ability.  Everyone had a blast and we got props from the Blacksheep MILFOR for making it fun and giving them some good fights.

Moving into November, Direwolf attended Autumn Justice 6 at Ultimate Battleground in Massachusetts.  Throughout the OP, we completed numerous missions paired up with Kafir Milsim.  At the end of the two days, we were presented with one of the field props for our work and dedication.

As the new year starts, we are planning on plenty of major OPs this year, so we’ll have plenty to keep everyone updated with.

Remember to check out our Facebook page and Youtube channel linked at the top of the page.  We will have plenty of game footage, gear overviews, and OP planning to show in the next few months.

Keep an eye out for more from Direwolf!